Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ella Mae's Valentine Surprise

I've decided to feature My Grandma -Ella Mae- on both blogs today. I really haven't felt much like blogging lately. I'm getting tired of the simple posts-just showing items -I feel like my blog has no real meaning-un-inspiring-and boring. This post is not meant to totally change that-but I did have some revelations yesterday. You see-I can admit this-I'm basically a selfish person-always have been. I've never wanted children-didn't want anyone to stand up with me at my wedding-I've always looked out for #1-me.

When my Grandma went in the nursing home a few months ago(she got out-went home-only to return again) I decided that I needed to make an effort to go and see her more. I'd go thru the town she's in twice a day when she was home and never go and visit-selfish with my time(our greatest commodity these days). I didn't even call much.

I've had people close to me die before, but I've been thinking for some time I didn't want to have any regrets with her. I'm not the kind of person to cry(I think I may have only cried twice in 17 years). I internalize things and maul them around and ponder them (that's why Tete is so Great-she's the best friend for understanding and clarity and listening-I love you Tete!!).

Yesterday when I was at the nursing home-I saw myself in those people-we're all going to get old. It's scary-makes you think about things. One-Life is short and you need to take every opportunity to make yourself and others happy-your memories will be what matters in the end!
Two-Love matters-I'll explain what I saw yesterday.....

My Grandma was seated next to a lady who just continually rambled to herself(my Grandma's tiny voice said to me-she cusses a lot). I tried to listen to what she was saying-but couldn't make heads or tails out of it, except for the name George. We had to wait a long time for the meal to come-so I entertained Grams(she told me that the day before she had yelled out-Ella Waggle is Hungry-I can see her doing that!). I painted her nails-a glittery pink- and we sprayed her hair this lovely pink that everyone commented on and stared out(she loved that-she was the talk of the nursing home and stood out among all the white hairs!). Back to the lady(didn't get her name)-after a while and much gibberish from her-a man came in to feed her-must have been George her husband. One of the staff brought George his own plate of food and told him that they would take care of him. He was gentle and kind to her. Very quiet man-but he did tell me that they'd had a party earlier in the day with cookies(he must have been there for that too!) All I can say is LOVE!!!!!

Thirdly -I know this post has been long-People working together-I see the kindness in this nursing home-I'm glad she's there-they really try to make it special for people-one staff member reading trivia-last week they had in line dancers-I took my Grams -and she really enjoyed it!

Anyway-the big reveal-She did tell me I could do this-Anything to put a smile on her face-I told her -next time Grams-it may be a tattoo-

YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD FOR NEW EXPERIENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more check out http://shabbypinkworld.blogspot.com/2011/02/valentines-to-remember.html

I'm joining Rednesday at http://suelovescherries.blogspot.com/2011/02/rednesday-valentines-and-robin.html


  1. first of all your blog has never been boring anything but! I love your post and yes we will all hopefully get old one day. Love to see your gramma is enjoying herself still as she should and I am sure she loves the time you are spending with her! Such a sweet Valentins!

  2. That is a wonderful picture! She looks great and I bet having you visit just makes her day! It's good that she's in such a good place:)

    BTW, you don't sound like a selfish person at all:)

  3. You have such a precious and cute Grandma! I wish mine lived near by so I could see her more. Love the post!!

  4. Oh my GOSH! I cannot stop smiling. I have laughed and tears came to my eyes. This is such a great post. Just completely Awesome. Your Grandma would just be an awesome guest at any one of my parties. What a beautiful soul. YOu and your Tete. Age can't always stop the spirit.
    wishes and whimsy
    WEndy from Wonderland
    ....Ps.Mailing out your package this week. :-)

  5. I think it's Alan Bennett's autobiography that has the tale of an elderly man who visited his wife every day in the nursing home. She was very ill with alzheimer's and didn't know who he was. Someone asked him 'why do you continue to go and see her every day when she doesn't even know who you are?' and he replied 'because I know who she is.' Your story of George reminded me of that.

    Your Gran looks like a lot of fun. xx

  6. great post! Grandma looks great :)
    I always enjoy your post..keep them coming. You might think your selfish but you give of yourself in many ways and dont forget that!!!

  7. Your grandma looks great!


    A woman who always saw red,
    Could not get it out of her head;
    Her dreams were red-hot,
    Although she was not
    Exactly Miss Scarlett in bed.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red Leaves After Rain

  8. Hey Rebecca, What a Sweet Post! Love your Grama all in Pink..... Thanks so much for the Valentine, that was so Kind of You.... Hope you have your new Treasures & EnJoy! My daughter came & pick me up today, so I am able to catch up on all the stuff I am missing, just went thru 200+ emails... What Fun! talk again soon

  9. You call yourself selfish, but I think you're normal. My Mom did some time in a nursing home/rehabilitation center, and it's very hard on the family that visits. I would breath a sigh of relief when I could walk out those doors and go home. And it's so hard to see someone you love get old and basically fall apart physically. Why does this happen to us when we get old?!! Anyway, it sounds like you showed Grandma a good time, and perhaps you might consider some piercings to go with the tattoo next time?! ;o)
    Happy REDnesday!

  10. Great post and that was a really nice that you took the time for her nails and hair, my Dad was in a nursing home and lived to be 99 yrs old and I always visited him as I was the one in charge of his life and the one to make the decisions on his behalf, if we all get to that age, God willing, then we would want someone to care or at least make sure we were cared for well. I would have had my Dad live with me but he said, no way I'm not having my daughter bathing me so, I honored his wishes. he was quite a character and you never know what you will be like at that age. You did a very great post and it was very insightful, at least you get it, so don't be hard on yourself. It is difficult to get the time to be everything to everyone. Bless you, Hugs Marilou Hope your Valentine's day was great!


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