Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Man's Shirt

The one picture that didn't make it into yesterday's post(I accidentally deleted it and then couldn't get it back in the right order!). This shirt hangs in our bedroom along with a pair of tweed knickers(underneath). Several years ago all the girls in my husband's family were going through some old family clothing. I wasn't there and was given what was left over-the men's items. I really liked it because if you go antiquing -you know-you usually don't see a lot of men's items. It's kinda like today-us girls have a lot more clothing than our men counterparts. This is a cool old shirt because the front is hard like cardboard and a collar would have been attached at the top. Something a little manly in this feminine room-wouldn't you agree!


  1. Very cool! I agree, it's hard to find vintage men's things. I love those old shirts with attached collars....I wish men still dressed like that! ;-)

  2. Really neat shirt! You are right-hard to find men’s items. I have always loved furniture reupholstered in mend’s suites--really great look :)


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