Saturday, February 26, 2011

Zimmerman Family Bible

My mother in law, Caroline Coon, gave us this a couple of years ago because it belonged to the people who built our home-James Zimmerman, my husband's great, great grandfather. It has a special place in our parlor-where I think it would have been originally! Max Coon is my husband's father.
Inside inscription!

It's in such wonderful condition and we are so glad to have it back in the house!


  1. see u have your owm 1515! I keep on Dr. Phil to get the Mitchell and Galbreath bibles back from his sister. I always think that everyone at the reunion should get to see them. the Mitchell bible is from 1767 and when we had the reunion in TN last yr I thought all those descendants have a right to see it.

    How wonderful you have the one from your house!

  2. I just love old family bibles like this. We had one growing up and it was so pretty inside. I need to find where my mom keeps it now.
    Hugs, Amy :)

  3. Such a wonderful are blessed to have it!

  4. Wow! What a keepsake. A treasure for sure :-)

    Take care Rebecca and have a great week :-)



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