Sunday, February 27, 2011


Time-do you ever stop to think where's it's going? I think I do much too often. They say if you have kids you can watch it go as they grow-but since I don't have any-sometimes I can't even believe how fast it's moving. I think I've never contemplated it more than since I've been visiting my grandmother in the nursing home. Feels like in a blink of an eye-I'll be there. I've been trying to slow down the days and enjoy them, but feels like work and obligations get in the way. One thing I am realizing-we make our own happiness and we have to do what it takes to make that happen. Memories and relationships( with God firstly) are the most important thing we can do for ourselves and that is something we need to work at to reap the benefits of this busy world. I treasure all the new friends I've found in blogland-what a blessing you all are! I had always wanted one of these clocks for our kitchen(our antique furniture in there is mostly oak). Bought this one at a friend's auction for $90 a few years ago. I love all the beautiful details.

I bought this clock about a month ago for only $35 for our parlor. Not quite as ornate-but the coloring matches the furniture in that room.

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  1. your clocks are so pretty. Yes, I hear what you say about time going fast. I use to be the youngest at work, youngest in a group of friends, now I am not...gasp! Just have enjoy the time we have!


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