Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blue Child's Toy Volkswagon

Well-here's my nephew who's too big for his little sister's blue volkswagon driving it around. She didn't want to get in it-until he did! You know how that goes. But I had to get a picture of him too to show you how grown up and cute he is. And he's wearing blue too! My Mom painted eyelashes on the car and even added my nieces name to the licence plate. I'm sure my mom enjoyed that since she has an orange volkswagon convertible that she likes to drive around. Maybe I can get them both in their vehicles for a picture side by side! Here's my littlest niece who decided to take over. She just turned 3 on September 2nd. I can't wait to give her my birthday present-bet you can't guess what color it is?

Her big brother is helping her manuever off the backporch! And thru the grass....

And trying to explain to her how to steer-she hasn't figured that part out yet!

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  1. What a fun and loving blue post. They are really in to it!

  2. They are soo cute! love your blog! Come view me!Have a great day!

  3. Your nephew and niece are so cute, and that car is a keeper!

    Happy Blue Monday, Rebecca!

  4. What a good big brother! Nothing makes something important like having a big brother like it.
    Your mom did a great job! Happy Blue Monday

  5. Loved the kids so much. I wish her many more happy return :)

  6. that's how big brothers should be.:p
    pretty little girl.


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