Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tag Football

Went to watch my nephew play tag football(I had just watched his twin sister on Saturday play basketball-and you know you have to keep things fair!). When I got there it was raining and like a dummy-sat in the rain for a while before deciding to go and get my umbrella. My sister didn't have one in hers since she had just gotten a new vehicle, so we huddled under mine and watched a really fun game. My nephew is the one in the front with the shorts on(didn't he know it was cold?)

The beat the other team 4-3-but you're not supposed to keep score(even though my sister does!). His team is undefeated this year-pretty exciting for a nine year old! Both kids are athletic and I think that's great. He did a great job out there on the field, but I couldn't wait to get home to a hot bath-since I was already pretty wet!

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