Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getting Ready for Fall

I spent yesterday putting away white wicker on my porch and bring out the fall rockers. It was kinda sad to see summer go since I feel like I didn't get to enjoy most of it. But it still needed done so I decided with the cooler temperatures not to wait. It is fun to see the change of the seasons. I'll be bring out the Halloween items soon! Here's a little something from Ella Maes Barn! I'm joining Outdoor Wednesday at


  1. Pretty Pumpkin there :)
    Seasons change, and each has its essence to keep us rejoice.

  2. Hi Rebecca-I feel the same way about the summer-where did it go? No time to enjoy it and it's over already. Fall is my favorite time, though, so I'm happy. But feel fall goes even faster than summer. I love the coziness of the season and the lit pumpkins...warms my heart!


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