Thursday, January 27, 2011

Antique Metal Ice Skates

I used to collect metal ice skates but don't pick them up anymore and have sold off a few but I find it interesting all the different styles and designs there used to be. I still can't figure out how they kept the darn things on their feet-especially the older wooden ones!
Wooden Ice skates with metal runners and leather ankle straps

Ankle straps -rounded toe

Ankle strap -TC on heel

Ankle strap-design on toe

Heart Shape design on heel
Look at the toe on this one-was that extra part a stopper?


  1. Those are really different. I never seen a pair quite like that. I posted a pair of blue ones on my blog which I have never seen either. They must have made so many different designs back then. They are great for displays:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Since I have never been into ice skating, I would not know much about the skates. In all my days, I do not recall seeing any like these.

  3. That looks like an interesting collection. I didn't realize there so many types of ice skates.

  4. never really seen those the designs! You always have the most interesting things? Hows the snow melting...coming home Sat

  5. These things look like something out of a mid-evil torture chamber!! I had two- blade skates that strapped to my boots when I was about four years old...sure glad they had leather boot skates for the following years!
    Nice collection.

  6. Hi Rebecca

    Thanks for sharing your great photos and information about antique ice skates. If I remember correctly, I think my dad may of had some old skates from his childhood in Illinois. When he move to California in 1942 he saved them for a while and finally threw them away some time in the 1950s.


  7. Those are totally new to me! Here in the South the ponds don't freeze and they often have gators, so ice skating is not a winter sport unless there is a man-made rink somewhere!

  8. Wow--how on earth did they work? They must have been good skaters back then to skate with these torturesque contraptions--amazing. Cool too :)

  9. I remember the roller skates that were metal and you adjusted them with a key, but I have never seen ice skates without the boot. Could be because I grew up in KS and there was not much ice skating going on there...These are so cool.


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