Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Three Stooges

Well... here are my 3 kids... the newest and littlest one at 10 pounds and she packs them in. Miss Maggie Mae and she's no girlie girl-she's all out tomboy-loves to wrestle with Petie and rules the roost around here. She starts our day by barking about 4-4:30 that she's awake and wants to be fed. She will let me dress her up though-even though I know she doesn't like it! I will tell her every day-I want to kiss your white eye and then I want to kiss your black eye! Then there is Mr. Petie or Sweetie Petie/Meanie Petie as I call him. The rescue organization(they all are rescues!) told us he was a little gentleman-he can be, but don't wake him up when he's sleeping(I got my lip bit really bad with that one-should have gotten stitches!). He's grumpy sometimes and other times he's sooo loving-guess we're all like that! He loves to run in the backyard and he's almost like a little race horse-he can go sooo fast. Maggie can never catch up to him with his long legs!
Then there is Mr. Buddy. He just showed up at our door(yard-we live in the country) one day. We tried to find out where he came from-but we also suspected abuse from the ring around his neck and his continued ways today(he acts really scared if we're fighting or the other dogs make a mess). He's the first dog I've ever had-but he's more my husband's dog than mine. My husband will say he's never seen a dog curl up and want to get as close to him as Buddy. My mom calls him Godfree because she believes God sent him to us!
I would highly recommend to anyone to support your local rescue organizations. That's the only way to go for us-so much love they need and a forever home. We love them so much -along with our 3 rescue cats!


  1. They are sooo cute! I have a Rat Terrier that looks like them. Mine is a rescue as are all of my animals. I hope you pay me a visit, I linked up with DebbieDoos party too.
    Thanks for sharing. 8>)

    Pattie @ On Hollyhock Farm

  2. That is really a sweet story Rebecca. They are all beautiful and unique in their own way. I thank you for sharing your story with us.

  3. Maggie Mae, Petie and Buddy are all adorable and such lucky dogs to have a loving home. Enjoy them! Linda

  4. Hi Rebecca....your babies are so cute! We had a rat terrior named Tiger...and what a fiesty little thing he was!
    LOVE your winter header!
    ps...I so appreciate all your prayers, and the pretty vintage card you sent..Thank you.

  5. they look like they are all related! Love they give us is so precious..

  6. Hello, Oh what sweet faces, they look like they are Rat Terrier's. I have one, she is just the sweetest dog, loves to follow me around each day. Thanks for sharing your sweet puppies, love them. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

  7. I have 3 rescue pets too! One of my dogs looks like the dog in your third picture, my other dog looks like a classic benji and then I have a black and white cat. Love your babies and do highly recommend rescue pets as well, these are the sweetest animals I have ever had. Thanks for the compliment on my page!
    So glad you liked the dresses!

  8. Love your babies Rebecca. I had a fox terrier once(the ex boyfriend kept him) and he was a funny little dog! They all look so sweet:)


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