Friday, January 14, 2011

More Holiday Sheet Music

I'm still on the hunt for more sheet music to display on my parlor organ and came across this piece to use next month for Valentines Day. And then I got really excited................. I found these two pieces-I know-Christmas is over and you don't want to think about it anymore, but I had been wanting these two pieces at our antique mall all December-but the dealer wanted $26 each(they were framed in glass)but I don't want to spend that much on sheet music-this is supposed to be one of my more inexpensive collections. Yesterday I was at another antique store and found them for only $2 each-YEH-I was so excited!
And then I found these two! I'll be ready for next Christmas!


  1. Awesome Rebecca!!! I love the colors and the specific themes!

  2. Hi Rebecca... how are you doing? Haven't visited with each other much since the Barn Chicks...Just popped over from Debra's party... I love your vintage sheet music... I collect it too... your Christmas ones are my favorite, lucky girl to find those!... thanks for sharing... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I love the sheet music you found! The Kisses piece is very cool. Of course I LOVE the Christmas sheet music, glad you waited and found them at an awesome price. Thanks for joining JFF!

  4. Lordie! I had all four of those in my piano bench as a child. Had no idea they were that expensive. You sure got a great buy.

  5. Hi,
    I am thinking your are the one who knows some of the tennis girls??? We must be very close in distance! Hope you are having a nice winter.

  6. What wonderful finds. The graphics on the covers of each one is just so special. You'll have such fun next Christmas using them on your piano. So glad you found them at such a good price....worth waiting for!

  7. I had all of those when I was a child learning the piano...they must be from the 60's :-) My brother and I both learned to play them. I gave a whole box of those old pieces to my kids piano teacher a few years I'm kind of wishing I'd held on to them :-)

  8. So glad you found them cheaper! What great Christmas graphics too. Stopping by from A La Carte. I haven't visited in awhile. Nice to "see" you!

  9. These are wonderful! You have to pick things up when you see them!

  10. Oh, You did GOOD, love the old graphics on these. Always on the lookout for great pieces. Now, just don't forget where you put them, like I do! te he.


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