Saturday, January 8, 2011

Antique MItten Collection

Here's most of my collection of mittens(I feel like some might be missing-but how would I know!) This is one of my top favorites-Men's fur mittens-they're very large! Little baby blue ones!
Women's cream colored knit ones!

Ladies knit black mittens
Little Burgundy ones

I leave these hanging off a picture in my upstairs hallway -some little boy probably wore these!

These are on the back of a chair -all lined up!

I display these black ones with red trim on a little child's chair in my hallway!

Aren't they sweet!

Looking for these mates-where did they go-I have them somewhere!

These are hanging in my kitchen with some of my antique children's clothes!

The little leather ones are really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm joining the Second Hand Collection party at


  1. Love your collection of mittens. What a fun post!

  2. What a fun collection! I love the baby and children's ones the best!!

  3. Wow! I never knew that mittens can be collectables items and you have so many! I love the babies' mittens, the black/red one and also your antique clothes!

  4. My goodness, you really do have quite a collection of mittens!


  5. The first pair(which are adorable) remind me of a friend's pair of long buffalo fur mittens! Her FIL got them for her, and I about died when I saw them...but I figure they must have been pricey cause he ain't cheap!

  6. The little leather ones AHHH!!!
    You should print out that strip of them in a larger size and frame it in one of those yardlong frames!


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