Monday, January 10, 2011

Vintage Blue Ice Skates

I bought these probably 10 years ago at the Antique Mall where my BF Tete used to work(that's how we got to know each other!). I've never seen another pair like them. I love the pretty blue(they'd be perfect if they were pink!) with the fur trim. The inside has a snowflake liner!


  1. Oh, I think they are a perfect color already!

    Happy Blue Monday, Ella.

  2. It does look like vintage. And the color is great not the usual white. Happy Monday!
    Blue Monday

  3. They would be pretty for me to just look at. No way would I wear them and get on ice.

  4. Love those!!! You'd look cute in them:)

  5. They are really beautiful. Looks like they are in great condition. Happy Blue Monday.

  6. Howdy
    Happy Blue Monday to you .
    Oh my those skates are so beautiful .
    I have never seen a pair this color before !!!
    Thank you for sharing them with us today .
    Have a blessed rest of the week .
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  7. These are truly adorable. I absolutely love the fur and although you are right-if they were pink they would be perfect--they are so close! Mine are just plain old white-no fur :(

  8. I love to find vintage ice skates, and have a pair hanging on a wreath on my porch for the Winter! Those are so darn cute as I have never seen blue ones! The fur trim just tops them off with "extra" cuteness!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  9. Those skates are gorgeous!! I absolutely love them!
    Happy Blue!

  10. Unreal! Wonder if they came from another country originally.
    I also love to collect old snow photos...or babies dressed for snow :)

  11. Hi Rebecca - had to come back this morning and look around a bit more - I love everything about this blog...mittens, BLUE SKATES, china head dolls - you ROCK! I am a CO native, transplanted to Vegas via St. Louis - I spent more than my share of time in snow - I miss my mountains, but only in the summer!

    There really IS a whole different world to Vegas off The Strip...and The Strip is a whole different world, in an of itself. We are enjoying a bit of cooler weather right now - won't be long before we are 100+.

    Have a GREAT Wednesday - stay warm! Tanya


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