Friday, January 7, 2011

Black Friday-William Riley Zimmerman Picture

This is a picture of William Riley Zimmerman, my husband's great, great grandfather. His father James Zimmerman built the house we live in around 1855. Three generations of Zimmerman's lived here until the 1970's when the farm was leased out to another family and then my husband's dad began working on it in the late 70's(but that's another story!) I found this picture when we first got married(16 years ago) in the long closet that runs along half of the back of the house(one of the weird closets that's shaped weird-it is wallpapered too-what a job that would have been-but kinda neat!) I'm so glad it wasn't thrown away. I was so excited to find it and it was immediately put up!I'm linking up with for Black Friday.


  1. That is cool, makes you wonder about that hallway..

  2. Oooh how I love homes with history! How special to be able to live in a home with an interesting past!! If only walls could talk!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  3. that is great! so is he the father of Anna Claire Zimmerman?

    SO you too are back at a family home.


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