Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day After Thanksgiving Craziness

Well, I roped my parents into being door greeters yesterday where I worked(does that mean I was their boss for the day since I'm one of the managers?). Everyone in the store got to wear jeans and holiday shirts -so my parents joined in the fun(don't they look cute!). They both did a fantastic job! Me-I was so exhausted after a 16 hour shift on my feet-I went in at 3:15am and got off at 8pm that I could hardly walk. Late shift today and a visit with a friend from high school -and the start of 6 day work weeks-I'm looking forward to Christmas being over!


  1. I hear u..I had a 520-9pm work day and I could not hardly move the next day, thought I was too old I think it is called abuse!!
    How sweet that your mom and dad came and did that.

  2. Glad you survived. I bet you have stories to tell.
    Your parents look great. I hope you did not make them stand and greet for hours on end!


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