Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rescue Me Clifford

I walked in the house the other day and saw this on the counter. Someone he knew was selling them for $25 to raise money for the Rescue Me Clifford organization. Inside is a cute Furry Friends towel and some shampoo. I got on their website and learned this....

Our sweet inspiration

Clifford was in a gas chamber to die. The kill shelter that had him does not exist any longer. Had it not been for a wonderful woman who banged on the chamber to stop him from being "put to sleep," Marilyn would not have had her friend for the 5 years that she had him. Our pets love us unconditionally, are happy to see us when we get home at the end of a long day, and are there with us during good times and bad. Those of us who have "rescued" pets know that for all that we might do for them, what they give back to us is many times greater. For this reason, we want to give back to them by rescuing others--people and animals both.

Rescue ME Clifford is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of dogs in rural communities who have a high probability of being euthanized. Once a dog is identified as being at risk, Rescue ME Clifford will use its best efforts to tend to the dog's medical needs, ensure that the dog is up-to-date on its shots, and place the dog in a suitable foster home until a permanent home has been found for the dog. Rescue ME Clifford will work with urban rescue organizations in order to achieve as much success as possible. Efforts will be primarily focused in East Central, Illinois.

I think this is a wonderful way to give-to save an animal life is such a great joy-all our animals are rescue!


Rescue ME Clifford accepts tax-deductible donations to help pay for the costs of veterinary care, food, and transport of dogs. You can donate securely online by clicking on the PayPal button below, or, if you prefer, send a check or money order to Rescue Me Clifford, 435 W. Court. St., Paris, Il 61944.
There are a variety of ways to donate.
Sponsor a dog: Would you like to sponsor a dog? We'll email you the dogs pictures, provide you with updates, and let you know when the dog finds his or her forever home.
Tribute: Remember a beloved pet that has crossed over the rainbow bridge through a donation made in his or her name.
Gift: Celebrate a friend's birthday or holiday by giving the gift of a donation to Rescue ME Clifford in his or her name.

Go to their website to learn about the many wonderful stories they have of saving animals lives!

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