Monday, November 21, 2011

Decorating the Rutherford House

Well I'm about finished. Still feel like I should do more, but trying to keep is simple. This is the red room. The hallway

The piano in the music room The entry to the music room

The tree-even though they wouldn't have had one in the 1850's-I wanted a simply decorated one

It's way more difficult to go simple for me-I like to really embellish things-as most of my friends know. It really feels great to have a simple Christmas though-especially when all around us it's commercial. The event is December 10th from 3-7 at the Rutherford house in Oakland, IL. There will be activities from the mid 1800's to see and the cost is $5 a person-children free.

Come if you can!

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  1. oh wish I could come but that is the day of the 1515 christmas party!!


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