Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Fun

Playing board games-which I love to do, but never have anyone to play with! We played Clue and Sorry-I lost both times! The two girls decided they would pull the wishbone-who do you think won? All the kids love my ipad-we had fun looking at Pinterest together!

My dad lets my littlest niece stand on the counter so she can see what she wants from the cupboard-is she spoiled or what?

And at the end of the day, I gave the twins an early Christmas present-two Christmas shirts. Her's says-Be Naughty-Save Santa the Trip and his says -Save Time and skip my sister!

The littlest one nabbed onto my silver shiny Christmas hat! Hope you all had a great day with family!


  1. Oh my your parents..they are so cool and love how your dad let your niece stand on the counter..not spoiled just very loved..the shirts the kids have are so much nice to be a kid and have cool adult family! Enjoy your beautiful family...


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