Friday, November 11, 2011

Meet Lucky

Well, we may have found our new child! I was on my lunch hour and was headed to Dollar Tree when I saw this little black and white dog at PetSmart. I decided I had to go over and see if it was a Rat Terrier. Sure enough and it was the little guy that we had seen over a month ago on their facebook page. My husband wasn't sure about the long tail at the time(but it's so cute and wags all the time!). He's right in between the size of our two other dogs and is about 7 months old. Some one abandoned him in a mobile home trailer and he was there all alone for over a week. What kind of a person does that! I'd like to get my hands around there neck(or better yet-leave them alond in a house without food for a week!).

I think will be a perfect fit for our family and I'm hoping that after my husband sees him-he'll fall in love to and we'll get to bring him home!

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  1. Good luck...with Lucky! He looks happy and adorable. He is meant to be yours, since you keep running into him. That was the same as Mom and Pinky her cat.
    I think u just know. Greta is doing great and is a happy and good girl!


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