Saturday, March 5, 2011

Amana Colonies Museum In Iowa

In the fall of 2009 I took a bus trip with my mother to the Amana colonies. My favorite part of the trip was visiting this museum. I didn't want to leave to see anything else! I wasn't supposed to take pictures, but my mom and I went back a second time to take some because I was so disappointed in the rest of the trip. I wanted to be able to take these ideas back to our local historical group.
More children's items-isn't the huge bunny wonderful! Christmas display

The kids are is pretty neat! The simplicity, yet detail of the items used is wonderful!
The items they used were to die for-things I look to purchase for my home!

I really like how they used real pictures to illustrate their displays. I think this would be a great idea for our local historical home! Notice the real stockings on the wall and their mannequin dressed up like Santa with a fur coat and gloves and beard!

All the kids items were so cute!This old parlor stove is wonderful. We looked into buying a refurbished one before we bought our soapstone wood-burning one-still sometimes wish we would have went that route-efficiency won out!
I really like the rug in this one-wish you could find items like that! I've got a magazine rack like that in my hallway-wouldn't hold many magazines today!

Love this old couch-I bought one like it once, but sold it because at the time we had too many couches(I go through phases buying like items-it was toilets -now refrigerators!).

I don't usually post lots of pictures in one post-so I'll be back tomorrow to post a few more!

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