Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Table Dad Found

One day last fall(you can tell from the leaves, right?), I stopped by my parents house and this wonderful white table was out front. He found it in the neighbor's trash. Who would through something like this away! Look at those turned legs-I think it's an antique! Good thing my Dad rescued it!

My Dad's always been a junker. I grew up with him bringing home treasures from the trash way before people were dumpster diving. He was a telephone repair man for 30 years and would be driving down the alley and spy something and then bring it home. It was always so exciting to see what he'd come up with. Because my sister and I would fight over who got the item-we soon had to take turns. It wasn't long before my mom wanted in on the action!

Now that I'm grown up and an ultimate junker(barn's full!), my Dad doesn't understand it! Well -how can he not!
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  1. I love that table. My sister has a very similar one in brown stain. I have been on the search for my own :)

  2. Wow, that is a fantastic table! That's wonderful that your dad rescued it:)

  3. Hi Rebecca, at my daughter's today, so happy to be able to post..... can't wait till things get back to a normal. I did a pink post today & thought of You....
    Take Care

  4. great pick Dad! love the table...and if that barn is too full let me know when it opens for the spring so I can take something off of your hands!

  5. Oh My...Inspiration!! I have a table like that and I'm going to paint it white now...soooo cute.

  6. Gorgeous table. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!! My Grandparents were dumpster divers before it became chic too. I have a house full of items to prove it. ~~Sherry~~

  7. I love that table and saw one similar yesterday but without the bottom shelve, I was considering it for my sunroom. Yours is prettier!

  8. Love your post.. My dad used to be a garbage truck driver in Chicago (long before I was an eye twinkle) and I remember many things in our farmhouse growing up that he told me he had found and brought home.. and we used! Crazy how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;-)


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