Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Metal Grate

I found another metal great to add to my collection


I love all the different details of each one!


  1. Rebecca, thank you so much for your prayers and very uplifting words to me. I am so thankful to read your words. It is very appreciated! I love your grates and will have to show you mine when I finish my inspiration area I am going to hang inspirations from mine with clothes pins above my table in sewing room. Thanks again Rebecca your an awesome inspiration to me during this time.

  2. I see these in antique stores and love the lines and look of them. But I never know what to do with them. Beautiful collection!

  3. My hubby collects these too. We have most of them out in our gardens. One is even screwed to a tree. I'll have to post on them. Yours are beautiful. Aren't they just so pretty and intricate?

  4. That is a beautiful piece! I have the orginal one still in our bedroom, it is covered up by furniture but they are so ornate and beautiful. Are we getting closer to the barn being open?

  5. I have one of these and need to collect a few more...love them!


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