Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Tale of Timmy

Did you ever have an pet scare? Where one of them is missing?

Yesterday we woke up to that. We have two cats(one is pretty wild (Little Tommy, the other one is a big baby(Timmy) that live on our enclosed, carpeted, furnished, back porch. These cats like to go outside(I'm against it-but they love it!) They always come in at nite and we shut the door.

The nite before, Timmy, had found a mouse and my husband wouldn't let him in with it-so the cats were outside all nite(I wouldn't have done that!)

So the next morning Timmy was no where to be found. My husband searched outside and in the garage and we called his name. He didn't come when we fed the other cat( we feed them 3 times a day-wonder why they're fat?). So I got that sick feeling-maybe a coyote got him. I love all animals-BUT not coyotes.
After a while-my husband says-do you hear a meowing. Our Timmy had gotten himself stuck in our smokehouse! What relief!
I love a good ending to a story-Don't you!


  1. well at least Timmy wasn't in the well! It is a awful feeling. My moms cat Pinky that I have will sometimes run out the door and it freaks me out I am afraid I won't catch him!

  2. Goodness our cats especially can give us good scares! I'm so glad he's OK. I had one to stay gone all night and come wandering back up about 10:00 the next morning. I think he went home in the back of a truck with some workers across the street and came back with them the next morning.

  3. Don't I know the feeling!!! I'm so glad Timmy is safe back inside! I've had so many cats and now I have just one and she is a house cat. She can only go outside supervised or in the screen porch by herself. I'm never having an outdoor cat again...too much worry and too many battle scars! I turned this one into a traveling cat and she comes with me when I go away for awhile. That wasn't necessarily a good idea either! But she keeps me company.


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