Wednesday, March 9, 2011

White Rabbit Fur Baby Slippers

My Dear BF Tete gave me these soooooo sweet slippers for Easter(we always exchange early so we can decorate with our goodies!). They are in mint condition and so soft. I've never seen anything like them(wish I love!) and will be so fun to decorate with. I'm looking for that special place(where the dogs won't get them and tear them up) to put them so I can see them everyday and enjoy them! I think they may look good next to some of my other child toys or clothes-it will be fun to figure it out! Thanks Tete for being such an amazing friend and for finding me such wonderful treasures!


  1. My goodness, are you sure those aren't mine? I had a pair of those slippers for Christmas when I was little. Now I wear doggie head slippers as an adult. I think I am an adult.


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