Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Birthday Visit From Santa

Every year when I was younger my parents would hire Santa to come visit my birthday party and bring a gift for me and for all the other kids. Everyone loved it, including my sister, who also got a present on my birthday(hince I got one on her's in July!). I don't know how my folks thought this up-but it was a great idea(yes Mom -I do remember good things too!). Here I am at 3-the earliest picture we have of me sitting on Santa's lap at our house!

That's my sister's head and my grandma-Ella Mae on the couch!
That's my sister sitting on the couch with her present-did she get to go before me?

Don't you just love that clock-I've still got it in the garage (yes Mom-I kept it!)

This is the last year-the year I got my bike(which wasn't a surpise since I was sneaky and listening to my mom and a friend talk!)(I still hate surprises to this day!)
Such good memories-sometimes I just take a trip down the mall and have to get my picture taken with Santa-it's more than a Christmas thing to me-it's a birthday tradition!
Anyway-I do wish Santa could visit all of you on my birthday and bring you a present!
To see where they put me after I came home -check out http://shabbypinkworld.blogspot.com/2010/12/christmas-present-for-my-parents.html


  1. This is so cool! Have a great birthday and maybe you can find a lap to sit on today... you go girl!
    Hugs and wishes- Tete

  2. Have a wonderful birthday.
    You could make all these photos into a flick book and see yourself growing up really fast. On second thoughts...perhaps not a good idea. :) xx

  3. Oh Rebecca I love your pictures....what a great memory! Mary and or the twins and I have been having our picture taking with santa over the last couple of years. But wow to think he came to your house, how special!
    Happy Birthday..now march on down there and sit on his lap!

  4. G'eve Rebecca ~ Happy birthday to you! May it be filled with joys & God bless you.

    Love the darling walk down memory lane in your pictures.

    Christmas hugs & joys ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. LOve the photos. I never had a santa for my b-day. We did had a lot of kids for my party when I grew up. In my teens, I have my g/f sleepover. That was the best years. One year they all were snowed in 'til the afternoon. One of my friend's brother work for the town and he ended up bring his sister home in the snowplow.
    Enjoy your evening.

  6. Hi Rebecca, Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to YOU..... What Wonderful Memories You Hold from your childhood ~ Loved all the Photos of You & Santa, I Do Love the Guy.... Hope Your B-Day was Fabulous! btw, My Give-Away is starting on Friday....


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