Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Sheet Music

Update to my earlier post on this-I found another one today!!! How simple, but cute is this one-half off at $1.50!!!!!
Well-I think this may be my new obsession-finding sheet music for the different holidays. I have an antique parlor organ-so the perfect place to display it. I just recently bought the one on the left and found the one on the right hiding in with all my other sheet music. At least this collection won't take up much space!


  1. HI Rebecca, love these too. Do you sell your finds on the internet or ETSY by chance?

  2. love the time your over i will have to show the sheet music i have that is about the "Ambraw" with pictures of the dam and bridge south of town.

    I also have some sheet music framed

  3. That is awesome!!! I could use some of that! Don't you just love those jackets?

  4. great sheet music, hard to find now! and displayed on an old organ, magical...



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