Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sleighs in a Row

I've had these little sleighs for a few years-but never have done anything with them. This year I decided they would fit perfectly on top of my mantle all lined up. I think I'll leave them their for a few weeks(minus he white one with the reindeer). Wouldn't it be fun to really take a ride in one? Any one out there done that?

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  1. I like your little sleigh collection. It looks nice on the mantel. I will let someone else enjoy riding on them tho.

  2. Very cool sleighs! Love them on the mantel.

  3. A collection of sleighs isn't something I see very often. Sweet.
    Love the pic on your blog header. xx

  4. Love the sleigh collection. Nope, I've never taken a sleigh ride, BUT . . . it's on my Bucket List for sure!
    Happy New Year.

  5. That's a very unique collection! I've never taken a sleigh ride ... but I've always wanted to! Have a Happy New Year!


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