Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vintage Santa Tin

I've never been into Santa items until this year-just didn't like them. Santa's were the one thing I didn't want to buy-ever! Some of that changed this summer when I purchased several vintage plastic light up santa's and then it all changed. I saw this vintage santa tin-calling my name and at first I didn't buy it. It was even filled with all these goodies-but I was trying to be good and not buy as much-then I had the familiar feeling of not getting it out of my mind until I went back to see if it was still there-lucky for me it was. All these goodies and the tin for only$5.00-what was I thinking not to grab it up immediately-guess it was meant to be!
I'm joining up with Vintage Thingie Thursday at


  1. Oh Rebecca!!! I love this and look at all the goodies inside!!!

  2. Hi Rebecca, I am Lovin that Old Santa Tin, I think we would have been fighting over that Treasure.... I have loved & Collected Santa's for along time... Thanks for stopping by today & offering such Encouraging words, I just told Tete, that I had an Update, He called me to Apologize today, I don't think he remembers what he said, but he said he apologized for anything Crude he may have said. I told him, I thought he had Way too much to drink & also told him, I was Very Busy over the Next several weeks & would talk to him after the Holidays. gives me time to Think, Pray & figure some stuff out.... Again, Thanks for your kind words & Especially for the Prayers ~ xox


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