Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vintage Candy Boxes

I picked up two more candy containers last week-guess I've got a new collection(like I need that!). I got the Kandi Colas for $6 and the Bittersweet Chocolate Drops for $3. I already had the Lemon Drop and the Old Fashioned Chcocolate Drop Box. They're great for storage-but I don't know where to put them!
I'm joining Vintage Thingie Thursday at


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    You don't have to know where to put them yet. It's all about the hunt-and you got them!!!!
    They're very cool. I know you'll find something great to do with them.

  2. I hope you find a place to put them.

  3. These are so great, love the graphics! Lezlee

  4. You will find an empty spot I am sure to display them. They are a nice vintage find.

  5. Get out!!! I love Lemon Drops!!!


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