Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vintage Reindeer Glasses

I've noticed a lot of vintage reindeer items this year on blogs. Never really thought much about reindeer before seeing what everyone else had so when I was thrifting and saw these 3 glasses for only $.20 each-I grabbed them up! I wanted to show cookies and milk-but if I filled the glasses up-you wouldn't get to see the great details!
I'm joining Faded Charm for White Wednesday at


  1. 20 cents are u kidding me? good pick as usual!

  2. I noticed a whole bunch of reindeer stuff too, and had the same idea! I haven't had any luck yet (all the reindeers I saw were 80's cartoon style), but I'm sure after the holidays I'll find something!

    Those are really cool, great find, and happy white wednesday!

  3. These are so cool! You did well!


  4. What a fine REbecca. I love them. You could always use chocolate milk :)


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