Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Sugar Cookies

I wanted to share with you about making some Christmas cookies for my husband(don't look at the picture yet-I want to explain). As many of you might know-I don't cook-and I really mean it. I just never have. I either forget to turn the oven on or I leave it on for hours, don't fully read the directions, don't have the ingredients on hand(we live 15 minutes from town), try to do more than just cook(blog or something else more fun!)-and am just not interested in cooking. I really don't care either-I could live on toast and peanut butter and cereal with an occasional meal here and there and be quite content. Lucky for me -there is lots of microwavable food out there! So my husband kept saying-I want some Christmas cookies-I guess I'll have my sister make me some. So last Wednesday-my day off-I decided to surprise him(and I did). Since I can't make anything from scratch(yes I did receive the Betty Cr ocker cookbook for our wedding and no I don't look at it!) I usually have those bag you just add oil, egg and water to(I've made oatmeal and peanut butter cookies successfully), but I only had those refrigerated rolls you slice up. I thought-this is going to be even easier! You can look at the picture now. Here's how it happened. I smashed down the dough so it was pretty thin and tried to use my few cookie cutters. The dough just kept sticking to the cutters. Flour is what I need I thought-but we didn't have any. We did have some sugar though(yes I forgot about the Pam spray and I forgot to spray the cookie sheets too!). So I added what little sugar we had and that worked-so I was pretty pleased with myself. Then after I had cut out the shapes I added the goodies(green sprinkles and red hots on the tree and red icing on the stars). Put them in the oven(but I thought setting it a little low 250 degrees would make them not burn). Well as you experienced cookers out there have already figured out. They didn't fully cook, stuck to the sheet, the icing ran(yes I remember now-ice them after they are out and cooled!) and worst of all-the shapes became blobs. Just as I was finishing the last sheet-my husband walks in. Of course he knows my abilities(lucky for me he makes us a meal once in a while) and just laughed. He said they were really good and he even wanted his picture taken with them(not my idea to let the entire blog land know what a total screw up I am!). After a few days I see more of the humor in it and several employees took pity on me( or my husband) and brought me plates of Christmas cookies. Now those blogs I've visited with the wonderful food pics will know when I say it looks good-but I'm not going to attempt it will know why!


  1. Well....he looks happy!! It the effort that counts!

  2. Love this Rebecca ~ Hubby Does look Happy, He was Thrilled that you tried real hard.... I am NOT a Baker, I Love to cook, but I love to be able to throw in This & That, so I left the cookie baking up to My Daughter ~ Yum....
    but I do have an Easy Peanut Butter cookie recipe... No Flour & they are Yummy
    1 cup peanut butter
    1 cup sugar
    1 egg

    You can double it too,

    moderate oven about 325- degrees
    14-20 minutes depending on the oven
    you want them a golden brown & pretty
    much set in the center center, then let cool

    I think there are even better the day after...

    Easy, You Could Do it!

    Have a wonderful week, I am going to make My God Box this week, so the New Year Starts out on a High Note!



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