Friday, December 17, 2010

Bottle Brush Tree Collection

This is my favorite bottle brush tree-that is until I find a vintage pink one-and I'm on the lookout. This one I saw at an antique store over 2 hours away and forgot to buy(we've all done that!) and called back and told them I would send a check-I didn't pick it up for a year later-I'm suprised it was still there(they had to hunt for it!). It's one of the tallest ones I've ever seen!
I've been picking these bottle brush trees(and this isn't all of them!) up here and there for a few years. They've been used in many displays-they're so versatile. This year I decided to put them on the parlor organ-they fit perfectly-except I've got 15 more coming from Cheryl at ZanyMayd-but that's a decision for next year.
I'm joining Tickled Pink Friday at


  1. Wonderful collection Rebecca! Looks like the perfect spot for your display!

  2. Hi Rebecca-I love love bottle brush trees! I'm so envious that you have 15 coming fro Cheryl!


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